Oh my dear Nutella

Actually, it’s been a while since I ate Nutella.
Today I couldn’t help buying one, though.
Guess what a friend of mine, SURIM, showed me a bunch of “NUTELLA” pictures yesterday night. ;P
The first image was this.
I do not own the rights to this image.

Please let me know if this image belongs to you.
I can’t find the original source. Thanks!

It was one of the “OKAY” images. There were some “EWW” images, too.
One of them was something like “Angel poop:Nutella”.
When I saw it, I was just like “ew” and that was all. But when I showed it to my sister, she was like “EWWWW, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! THAT’S DISGUSTING. EWWWW”
I won’t share the entire image in here ‘cause now I know that it could look kinda disgusting. ahaha
Well, anyways, okay I got my Nutella with me! YOUPI! =] hehehe

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