Great Challenge : Cleaning up my room!

I know it sounds pretty ridiculous, but it was. It really was a great challenge for me. ahaha

Honestly, I don’t feel like cleaning…, usually.


I do not own the rights to this image

So, my mind talks to me “Don’t bother to clean it!” =P

Okay, okay, whatever.

I barely clean my room, but when I do, it just looks super awesome (to me, it might look super messy to you, though)!

On the contrary, my dad is a neat freak. Even I can’t believe he has a daughter like me! =P

Anyways, I put an enormous amount of time and effort, and I thought to try so hard to make my WHOLE room neat and tidy, but I couldn’t.

I only finished, like, one side of my room.

When I’ve just finished cleaning, my sister came and said,

Are you done cleaning up your room?


Oh, wait. You just put all your stuff on the other side of the room, right?!?!?!

No, not ALL my stuff. Don’t say a word, and just look here! It looks okay, OKAY?

Please don’t ask me why I need, like, 6 pencil vases or whatever ’cause I don’t know either. That’s just the way it is. :P

Oh, in case you don’t think it’s not pretty neat and tidy, let me show you the other side of my room.

…LoL No, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It won’t last forever. Not today, but someday I’ll make it awesome!!

Look what I’ve found while cleaning!

#1. Do you know Floppy disks, or do you remember them?

Anyways, I’m pretty sure you know this icon.  imageimageimage :)

I used to take computer classes when I was a schoolgirl. ahaha I loved it.

#2. I also found my diary. I mean, my diary in which I wrote when I was in Besançon(like 2 years ago)!

I almost thought I lost it, like I thought I might not have brought it with me.

YEAH, I WAS WRONG which made me SO HAPPY.

Just for fun!! hehehe

Click here to join us! :P


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