I cannot change yesterday,

I do not own the rights to this image.

but I can change today.

People, have a good day! :*)

source / more information http://f0reverfitness.tumblr.com/


2 thoughts on “I cannot change yesterday,

  1. Hey Migy, how have you been? Is it me or have you been a bit on the silent side lately? I sorta missed your avalanche of feel-good posts =) (Or it could be me, sleeping under a rock) Anyways .. you have a good one too!

    1. Hey hey!! Salut, comment vas-tu? :D
      Thanks for the comment!! You’re right. I haven’t posted in a while.
      I’ve been busy remodeling my home lately and haven’t got time to post. :[ It took more than a month and it did drive me crazy. LoL And then, a French friend of mine came to my city and I was actually in my tourist mode myself. :P
      Now I’m gonna restart posting a bunch of posts or whatever. So excited! xD
      Have a wonderful day!! Ciao ciao!

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