Second day with Marie and Surim

Since I was exhausted, it was so hard to get out of my bed in this morning. :P (But of course, I had to.)

What is worse, the weather was not on my side! It was raining!

We were supposed to go to a temple by the sea…

Because of the rain, the shuttle bus arrived late. (At first, I thought we missed the bus! LoL)

As far as I remember, it took almost an hour to get the temple.

The temple is called Haedong Yongungsa Temple. (Click here if you want to know more about it.)

This temple is quite well-known in my country because it was built next to the sea.

(Most temples in Korea are located in the mountains.)

If it had been sunny, I could have taken *great* pictures. LoL

After the temple, we met up with Surim for lunch.

Before then, we went to Tea & Craft Fair. I tried some Bamboo, Lotus tea there. =)


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