Welcome to Gyeongju city!

Yesterday it rained, but this time the weather was on our side. It was sunny and fresh. Wéééé!

Since Surim crashed in my room last night, we could leave together for Gyeongju.입을 벌리고 하하하

We got off Bulguksa station which seemed tiny but cozy.

It cost us 5,000 won(I think it’s fixed.), by taxi, to get to Bulguksa temple from the station.

(You can also take a bus to get there. All buses cost 1,500 won in Gyeongju.)

There were obviously a lot of people. =) Beautiful trees attracted them. ;P

I paid 4,000 won for the admission fee.

In Anapji(admission fee 1,000 won)

Although the train arrived twenty minutes late, we went to see the fireworks.

OMG, how crowded it was…you have no idea!

The fireworks were pretty awesome, though.입을 벌리고 하하하


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