Four stories

# Story 1

Today I woke up early in the morning, like, at 07:36 AM. puahaha =P

I know! But whatever you say, I don’t care.

Till 07:59:59, it’s still dawn. It’s my time zone, like Migy Time Zone.

No matter how bright and sunny it is (outside), it doesn’t matter.

My morning can officially start, only after I’ve drawn back the curtains. Period. ihihihihihahaha

Anyways, the weather was perfect…. for wearing my jacket because it was freaking windy and cold!! Youpi!!!!!!! xD

Hurray! Hurray!

I bought this exactly for 40 euros last winter at Fiumicino airport. I’ve put it on like over 200 times I guess. LoL So it turned out a good choice. ahaha

# Story 2

A la gym, un moniseur m’a regardée fixement et m’a dit : 《Oh! Qu’est-ce que tu as de beaux soucils!

Oui, c’est ce que l’on me dit tout le temps! Je pense de même chaque fois que je me regarde dans le miroir!》ai-je répondu. puahahaha

Maman m’a dit en éclatant de rire : 《Mais, t’es malade toi?

Mais non! Mes yeux et mon nez ne me plaisent pas tout le temps. Parfois, ils sont enflés. Par contre, mes soucils, ils sont toujours beaux! mdr

# Story 3

On my way to the dump, I sprained my ankle. Hohahoahhoahhoa

Because first of all, there are so many stairs in front of my home

and secondly I’m careless from time to time(?!). LoL

Anyways, I went immediately to an Oriental medicine clinic and it’s still swollen (as you can see). Hopefully, it’ll get better tomorrow. =DDDDD

# Story 4

After watching my picture, my *very dear* fan (or friend or whatever), Surim, sent this to me. Her 2nd masterpiece! LoL

Her first masterpiece is in my room.

Trust me. It looks better(even less terrifying) when it’s upside down.


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