I want to taste a real Khao phat khai!!

J’ai vu mes copines très intimes cet après-midi(Attention, c’est rare! mdr).

At noon, I went to the university to meet up with Surim, Hyeonah and Mijin. It’s been a while since we last met(I mean, all together! It was in June! Oh my…You can see the last post written in French. 《L’anniv de Rimsu》). As soon as we got together, we rushed in a restaurant ‘cause we were starving! :P

Since I insisted that I want to eat some Asian food last night(약오르지?), we had lunch at Asian Moon(on the 6th floor of NC Dept. Store). hehehe

I took Khao phat khai(a sort of Chicken Fried Rice) which I had never tasted before.

When it comes to this Khao phat khai, it was way too spicy(even for me! You know, basically I like spicy food!). I think I’ve got to go to Thailand to taste a real Khao phat khai.

Khao phat khai (₩ 6,900)

This beef and rice noodle soup was not bad.

Vietnamese Beef And Rice Noodle Soup (₩ 5,900)

OMG, this Nasi Goreng was ahahahahahahaha like something that made me want to never go again to the restaurant. Seriously, none of us liked it. LoL The Nasi Goreng that we had on Surim’s birthday was way better!

Nasi Goreng (₩ 6,900)


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