About Me

Hi, dear whoever is reading this, THANK YOU! =)

I’m Migy and 23 years old.

I happily live with my family in Busan,  a port city, located in the southern part of South Korea. (Yes, I’m Korean! C:)

My posts are mainly about my personal favorites and my daily activities.

+) I think there’ll be a lot of posts related to my grandma ‘cause I love her so much!

Also, it would be nice if I could share some good blogs with you ‘cause I like blogs.

I do not own the rights to this image.Basically, I’m trying to write both in English and French. (No need to mention “Korean” I guess? *.*) I really don’t want to lose the languages that I’ve learned, so I’m trying so hard. (Just in case you wonder, I speak French ‘cause I majored in French. :D) But first, I’ve got to say this : Since both English and French are not my first language, I’ll definitely make mistakes in those languages. I hope you understand me. Thank you! Oh, and yes, hopefully, I’ll post some Spanish or Italian things. (I’m addicted to these languages, too!)

I like reading.

I do not own the rights to this image.My favorite author might be Horst Evers, but I cannot be quite sure. I read only two of his books ‘cause there’s no other translated book. What a shame! I read Paulo Coelho, Guillaume Musso, Peter Bichsel and Douglas Kennedy, but my favorite book so far is Alice Kuipers’ 《Life on the Refrigerator Door》. I actually read it in French, and the title of the French version is 《Ne t’inquiète pas pour moi》. It literally means “Don’t worry about me”. It was touching and I liked it a lot. I take this book with me quite often even nowadays ‘cause it never bores me. :)

I love funny things ‘cause I love laughing. I think I’ll reblog funny things in this category. :D

About music, well, my taste of music… Basically, I enjoy listening to Jason Mraz and Mika. I won’t say I love all of their songs, but I’ll always have supported them. They mean a lot to me.

Recently, I listen to Jack Johnson, Eric Hutchinson and Tiago Iorc.

I do not own the rights to this image.I love watching movies. I usually go to see a movie once every two weeks. My favorite director is F. Gary Gray and I liked 《The Negotiator》 a lot. I also loved 《Bella》, 《Il Postino》, 《Be with you》, 《Roman Holiday》and 《Nuovo Cinema Paradiso》.

I do not own the rights to this image.I like Italy, especially Rome ‘cause I met super nice and kind people there. +) I love the Italian language. ALSO I’M ADDICTED TO PIZZA AND COFFEE. “Un latte macchiato per favore!” That’s my favorite sentence in Italian. ahaha I’ve learned Italian for about 2 years and I’m trying to improve it. If you are SUPER KIND and interested in helping this foreigner who is eager to learn your language, please feel free to do so. ahaha :)

+) Whoever needs help with Korean, I’d be glad to help you out. =)

(I took a training course last year to learn how to teach Korean.) *.*

I do not own the rights to this image.I love blogging, so I also have other blogs. (Especially on Tumblr, ‘cause there are a bunch of GIFs which I love♥) I’ll write about them soon. =)

Well, what else…?!

I like rain, and new & old people and I enjoy writing and taking pictures when I see a nice & funny thing!

I do not own the rights to this image.La France me manque trop. Plus précisément, Nice me manque. J’ai étudié là-bas l’année dernière. Je m’amusais beaucoup…JE VEUX RETOURNER EN FRANCE! ahahaha :)

Okay, then let me share a little bit of my daily life in here. =)

Thank you for reading this!!

Hope you have a wonderful life!! =)


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Migy! Merci beaucoup for visiting my blog =) And I love your blog, there’s a lot of joie de vivre around here, great stuff. (Can you tell I also love the French language? I only know a few words tho’ :-D).

    1. “De rien!” Oh, come on, I’m just starting this blog. There aren’t many posts. ;P But thank you. That’s so sweet! =) You know I love your posts! Especially “Happy Habits” was awesome! Great, you like French. Are you learning it? :D Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Hello fellow bookworm:) That’s a lot of languages you read in, keep it on – your mind will become more and more beautiful thanks to the wide view of the world you’ll gain:)

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