The Scent of a Winter Morning

This is a blog about winter where there are a lot of posts related to winter stuffs.

If you’re looking for winter images, then click the images above to access the blog.

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I think you could find a bunch of them in this blog.

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One thing in a French day

If you learn French, or if you are interested in French, I highly recommend this podcast.

This podcast  is ran by a French woman, called Laetitia.

Laetitia is a married woman and has three kids.

She lives close to Paris.

She talks about her daily life with her family in her podcast “One thing in a French day”.

Of course, IN FRENCH!

The good thing is that it gives you the opportunity to listen to the audio file while reading a post. :)

Si vous apprenez le français, ça vous aidera je pense.

Je suis sûre que cette Laetitia vous aidera beaucoup beaucoup avec votre français!! =)

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